My daughter Rosie has just started kindergarten, and her school requires uniforms (white tops + navy or khaki bottoms or dresses). Of course she prefers skirts and dresses or jumpers, but all the ones we have are above the knee, and she complains her legs get chilly. In my school uniform days, cable-knit knee socks were the norm, but I’ve got my heart set on finding her some sweet scrunchy legwarmers, preferably in cream or navy — not sure wild colors would be uniform-approved. Have you seen any darling school-day legwarmers recently? Thanks!! — Amanda T.

Legwarmers! Love the question, but I don’t have a ready answer. For baby-size, there are several options (like the leggies pictured from Oeuf). And I remember my last 3 pairs of grown-up-size legwarmers were purchased at a dance supply store, H&M; and Target. But I don’t remember seeing kid-size legwarmers lately.
So I’ll turn this question over to my Dear Readers.

Dear Readers, have you seen any great sources for school-kid legwarmers?