I’m in a new house, new life and looking ahead to the holidays, I realized that our decade plus years of marriage/college/med school/residency tree decor might be in need of a slight makeover this year. I’m just looking for ideas — new, old, swanky, homestyle, yadda, yadda. Any advice or pictures to find, etc.? Thanks!Stacey

Love this question, Stacey. People have strong opinions about Christmas Trees: They should have the same decorations each year — it’s tradition! They should be filled with ornaments made by children! They should be flocked! Flocked trees should be outlawed! They should change themes every year! Only fresh trees count! If it’s not pre-lit, I won’t use it!

Feel free to have whatever opinions you prefer for your own tree. It seems to be such a personal, emotional thing. Depending on some mix of childhood memories, current marketing schemes and adult expectations. And there’s no right answer. Just know this, when you put lots of twinkling lights and pretty baubles on a tree. In your living room. And turn the house lights low. It’s bound to be beautiful.

But if you’re really wanting a change this year, Stacey, this is what I’d recommend. Hit the holiday aisle at your favorite store (let’s say Target) and find an ornament you love the best. Your very favorite one. And then build a tree around it.

If it’s a white feathered bird, then you could do the whole tree in birds and nests and white accents. If your favorite ornament is a gold glittery ball. Why not go gold all the way. Gold ornaments. Gold snowflakes. Gold ribbon. If you’re starting from scratch, focusing on one color will definitely give you the biggest impact for the least amount of money. (I love the ornament pictured from Crate & Barrel.)

Looking for more inspiration? Martha has dozens of Christmas Tree ideas here.

What about you, Dear Readers? Any opinions on Christmas Tree decor?