Ask-Design-Mom Question:
Hello Design Mom! I have just been introduced to your site and I am LOVING it! I have been reading through the archives so that I can get caught up and not miss a single post. I ran across the “Let’s Make Some Bibs” post (such a cute idea and so simple) when a thought came to my mind. I have a 6 month old slobber/teether who soaks through about 3 or 4 bibs a day — I can’t keep her dry! Any suggestions of how to keep bibs from soaking through to her cute clothes, in turn keeping her dry? I have seen some plastic/vinyl lined ones in the stores, but would prefer something more appealing. I guess I could line my own with some sort of waterproof material from the fabric store. Any ideas? — Carly Farnsworth

Design Mom Answer:
Smart question, Carly. Drooling babies are a fact of life, but luckily the drooling stage is pretty temporary. Personally, I think your idea of lining your own bibs with a waterproof material is genius — you don’t need my help at all!

But if you’re really not up for a project, I would recommend keeping watch for oilcloth bibs like these. Oilcloth often comes in really fun and funky retro prints that are really appealing. And oilcloth will do an excellent job of keeping your baby dry.

Design Mom Readers, how do you keep your babies dry?