Dearest Readers, I am off helping with the Boutique today and am begging your help.

Allison Anderson writes: Dear Designmom, My family and I are getting our annual family photos taken for our Christmas cards. This year we want to do something fresh, artistic and different. Perhaps urban, to reflect our current life. We hired a photographer, now we just need some ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Because of the boutique, I have not been able to give this excellent question the attention it deserves. Please help me answer by offering your clever ideas as usual. I’ll start.

1) For an urban-looking photo, I like the idea of showing your family on a busy sidewalk doing a little window-shopping. Maybe one of the kids could even have their face pressed up against the window to get a better look at the goods.

2) I also think a photo of the family emerging from a car or taxi, bags on shoulders, scarfs and hats in place, could be cute to show an urban family on the go.

3) Another idea is to put the family around or near a park bench in a city park. City parks look different than suburban parks. If you can get some pigeons in the shot, even better.

Illustration from Getty Images.