Hi Gabrielle. I have a design question. How many different colors can you paint a house? We may want to sell in the future, so i don’t want a perspective buyer to think we live in a box of crayons. Here is the color scheme right now:
living room, dining nook, kitchen, hallways –
office – periwinkle blue

master bedroom – green
master bathroom – light brown (like cappuccino)

guest bathroom – off white

We are about to start painting the last bedroom (a guest room) and I was thinking a light yellow. But I don’t know if that is too much. I am between light yellow which I think will look fabulous or the khaki/beige color we painted the rest of the house. Insights? Opinions? Many thanks! — Nicole

Hi Nicole. Thanks for your great question. My answer is this: DESIGN YOUR HOUSE FOR YOUR FAMILY(!) and not for some imaginary future buyer. Especially when we’re talking about cosmetic choices like paint that can be easily changed. Clearly you are loving the light yellow, so I say go for it! There’s no hard and fast rule about how may colors you should have in your interior. Trends come and go. Do what will inspire and please your family. Your plan of having one paint color throughout all the family areas and personalized color in the bedrooms/bathrooms is terrific. Go with it. Life is short. Don’t wait to make your house the happiest place you can make it.

Make your own very cool paint chip holder via design verb.