Ask Design Mom Question:
Hi Gabrielle. I feel like all I do is buy shoes for my toddlers. How many types of shoes do you purchase for your children each year and how many sizes do they go through in a year. Please tell me these bi-monthly foot growth spurts will end. Also, is it okay for children to wear hand-me-down shoes? Many thanks — Amy

Design Mom Answer:
Hah! This made me laugh, Amy. Shoe buying can definitely take over your life. I’ll break my response into 3 parts.

1) In the summer, I like to have a pair of slip on sneakers (like Vans), a pair of flip flops and a pair of sandals for each toddler or preschooler (if I choose carefully on the sandals, they’ll work for church too!). In the fall and winter, I like a pair of sneakers, loafers or maryjanes (or something similar), and some sort of leather boot.

Of course, this doesn’t count specialty shoes. Tap shoes or ballet shoes. Soccer cleats. Fancy shoes for a reception. Snowboots… Also. I’m a big fan of Original Saltwater Sandals. They come in colors for girls or boys. They’re good for at the beach. They’re good at a picnic. They’re event sweet with a little dress.

2) Yes, the bi-monthly growth spurts will end. : )

3) Foot experts will tell you hand-me-down shoes are not a good idea. Real life mothers that scored a pair of gorgeous Italian toddler shoes at their favorite consignment shop will tell you hand-me-down shoes are rad.

What about you, Dear Readers? How do you like to handle toddler shoes?