Ask-Design-Mom-Question: Dear Design Mom, I’m searching for a few good tea pots/sets… I think I might start a collection…but first need one to start my tea drinking. I’m in love with going to tea houses… love the herbal teas. Thought I’d bring that ambiance into my home. I’ve been browsing online and haven’t found any I’m in love with. Plus…I’m not sure what I should look for in a tea pot… to find a really good quality one…that doesen’t just look pretty…thought I want that too. Thank you much! Cheers, Stephanie

A teapot collection sounds so charming, Stephanie! Thanks for your question. Currently, the tea pots I admire most when I spot them as I shop are the small cast iron Japanese pots. So pretty. And nicely weight
ed. They’re not hard to find. This site has dozens or I even saw some at Filene’s Basement the other day that were fantastic.

Not feeling the Japanesey vibe? This pale yellow Copco Teakettle by Micheal Graves is too charming for words.