Ask-Design-Mom Question:
Hi Design Mom,
I’m hooked on you and your site. I have a kitchen table that I don’t especally love and we’re hoping to get a new one. But, in the meantime I’m looking for a table cloth or cool placemats that can distract the eye from the actual table. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! — Missy

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Missy. Ever since you emailed me a few weeks ago, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for pretty table linens — mostly tablecloths — since you’re looking to hide your current table. Here are a few that made my heart flutter a bit.

Because it’s just plain gorgeous:

A graceful print from Atelier LZC (I sure do love everything I’ve seen from their studio):

Probably the most inspired option I’ve seen lately. By Lotta Jansdotter Tang. (Also featured above.):

Because I love navy and white when the weather warms:

Check out the subtle and gorgeous botanical patterning. I would love to feel this fabric in my hands:

And a 1950’s daisy print available on etsy:

This is just a drop in the bucket, Missy — a person could dedicate a whole blog just to beautiful table linens — but I hope this inspires you to find something pretty. Design Mom Readers, please do chime in with info on any unusually pretty table linens you’ve seen lately.