Hi Design-Mom. Let me first say that I am a huge convert of yours! I read your site every morning with a cup of coffee — once the kids are off to school. Many thanks. My question concerns sleeper chairs. You see, we really need another bedroom but with all the other things that need to be done on our beloved old Victorian the bedroom is not a remodel priority. However due to snoring, we need another sleeping option. I have tried to look for sleeper chairs or loveseats with great lines (not overstuffed with huge arms) but the chair has eluded me. Any suggestions of a furniture line to look at? — Sleepless in Portland, Maine

Another great question! Sleeper chairs. Hmmm. I’ll start looking. Anyone else have a favorite sleeper chair resource?

Edit: In the comments, someone suggested the Troy Twin Sleeper from Crate and Barrel. Here it is in fabric choice Daryl:Brick.