Ask-Design-Mom Question:
We live in a New York apartment building. We’ve been living here for almost 2 years and still don’t have a “welcome” mat at the front door because I haven’t found anything I like. I don’t want anything too cutesy, or to say welcome even. Just nice and clean. I don’t like any of the ones at bed bath and beyond and I’m not sure where else to look. Help! Thanks, Sarah

Design Mom Answer:
We have so much mud being tracked through the house these days (April showers and all) that doormats are on my mind as well, Sarah. Thank you for the great question. Here are some of the doormats I’m looking at:

This simple rubber lattice doormat from Smith & Hawken.

This metal/bristle doormat from Conran Shop (which is sadly out of stock, but I’m crossing my fingers they’ll get a new shipment soon).

The Garden Gate doormat from Crate & Barrel. Not necessarily “simple” but I love the pattern and contrast.

The Teak doormat from Gardener’s Supply Company.

And my all-time favorite, the Mando Door Mat from Ikea. We have owned this mat at two different homes and I still find it highly appealing. So simple and so interesting at the same time. The red circle makes it feel Japanesey.

Design Mom Readers, where do you find great doormats?