Dear Design Mom, I love your site and your style. I have a question for you. I decorate in a minimalist style in my apartment. I have very hard lines in my furniture and shelving and décor, and want something circular to compliment these lines. Therefore I have been continuously in search of a large ROUND area rug. The only round rugs I’ve found that are similar to my decorating style have been at Ikea but they are of such poor quality and shed like a German shepherd. Do you have any suggestions? Oh, and P.S. I don’t have a huge budget either. Thanks for any help you can give! —

Fun question, Aubrey! I love your concept of the round rug complimenting the hard lines in your decor. One great source for rugs, that I first saw featured on Decor8 is Company C. They don’t have too many choices in round, but I loved this one.

On the other hand, a search of Round Rugs at Home Decorators Collection produces 902 options. They have an extensive collection of wool rugs in every conceivable price range. I initially checked them out when their catalog showed up in my mailbox, but haven’t as yet purchased anything from them. (If anyone reading this has bought from this company, I’d love to hear about your experience.) Here are some of my favorite patterns they offer available in round: