Dear Design Mom. My question is about cafe curtains or roman shades for my kitchen.  I see so many beautiful ones on design blogs that are custom made with beautiful designer fabric, but I can’t spend that much on kitchen curtains.  Is there a good resource for this online.  You have such impeccable taste, I hope you can help me out.  Thanks, Laura

You’re in luck, Laura! Roman shades are actually very simple to put together — fabric, dowels, safety pins, string — put them together and voilá! you’ve got a roman shade. It’s slightly more complicated than that, but not difficult at all. And happily, there are lots of great Roman Shade DIYs on the interwebs. Here’s a good one. And here’s another good one that uses a mini-blind as a base. So my suggestion is to seek out some fabric you love that’s in your price range. I’ve seen roman shades made with simple calicos and heavy upholstery fabric and everything in between — so you have tons of options as far as fabric is concerned and can be sure to find a bargain.

What about you, Dear Readers? Any great sources for roman shades? Have you ever made a set yourself?