Hi Gabrielle. I’m looking for a good looking glider/rocking chair for my son’s nursery. Something that doesn’t scream BABY! and looks smart, modern, but comfortable. Do you have any advice? Thanks — Sarah Waldman

Great question, Sarah! The search for the perfect rocking chair or glider is an ongoing treasure hunt for parents everywhere. Some families preferred upholstered. Others insist on no fabric at all. Some prefer a traditional look. Others want their rocker or glider to blend in with the living room furniture. And everyone is looking for a good deal.

Hopefully, this will help. I compiled a list of some of my favorites for my CaféMom column. Some are heirlooms (like the one above). Most are under $1000. Some are under $500. And I recommend how to find a real bargain as well. Take a look and maybe you’ll find your treasure.

What about you, Dear Readers? Do you have a favorite rocking chair you’d like to recommend?

P.S. — Other fun things I’ve found this week: Gender baby onesies (so the strangers at the grocery store don’t mistake little Johnny for little Jane), and pretty flowers for your ears — in eighteen colors!