Keep the good ideas flowing, it’s an Ask-Design-Mom double dose today.

Hi Gabrielle, I am a new reader to your blog — I found you through a link on my daughter’s blog. Now I am a fan a faithful reader. I have a spare refrigerator in my laundry room that is located at the doorway. I am not able to close the door as the kitty litter is in that room as well. I walk by the doorway frequently and would like to look at the refrigerator and smile. Can you help me out with some refrigerator art ideas. I have no children at home. Thanks, Darla

Design Mom Answer:
Hi Darla, thanks for sending in such a great question. It’s interesting for me to look ahead a bit and realize my refridgerator won’t always be covered with notes from school and pictures of, or by, my kids.

I’m only going to offer up one idea, but I think it’s a good one. Let’s cross our fingers that all the lovely Design Mom readers will join in the comments with additional clever solutions.

The idea:
In the last year or so, there are suddenly dozens and dozens of companies that are producing vinyl wall art — both pre-made and custom. There are tons of choices and styles in premade decals/wallpapers and many are gorgeous. I’ve featured some of the child-like versions here at Design Mom, but there are more sophisticated options as well — think silhouettes of flowers and the like. Try sources like Greener Grass Design and modern seed (the sources of the 4 vinyls pictured) or do a search for “vinyl wall art”.

And as far as custom vinyl goes, you can have pretty much anything you like cut in pretty much any color. What’s your favorite poem or quote? Have the lettering cut in vinyl — in large letters — and use the words to fill up the entire fridge in a nice fresh green. Not a lettering kind of person? How about silhouettes of your children or grandchildren cut in various colors. For custom vinyl, try Vinyl Attraction or Graffiti Chic.

I hope this answer has you inspired, Darla. Good luck!