This is part four of a five part answer. You can find links to the other parts here.

While the bulk of my nesting attention goes to preparing for the new baby, there are also things I like to have on hand for me, the new mom. I’ll bet you have list in this category as well. I hope you’ll share your favorites.

In the Mom’s Needs Category, I like to have:

A packed hospital bag.
I don’t bring much. But here’s my list-
-an outfit for the baby to wear home and a blanket to wrap the baby in
-something for me to wear home
-pjs & undies
-phone + charger
-reading material
-toiletries & makeup

New pajamas. And sometimes a new robe.
Having a fresh, cute pair of pjs to wear after the birth makes me happy. I should also note that for me, pajamas are an indicator that I’m taking it easy and not functioning at 100%. If I get dressed and put my shoes on, there’s a really good chance I’ll head out to run errands or push myself too hard. If I stay in my pajamas, I know I’m not going anywhere. The sleepwear at Garnet Hill looks comfy.

There’s a lot of bleeding after a baby is born. It’s nice to have a good-size stack of undies on hand so I can grab a fresh pair whenever necessary (and don’t forget the pads — it’s like a period that goes on for a few weeks…).

Nursing bras.
I bought a nursing bra with my first baby and found the traditional ones don’t really work for me. Turns out even the smallest ones absolutely drown me. So I had to figure out something else that would work instead. While nursing, I like to wear a simple white, really stretchy bra. Actually, more like a bra-lette. No clasps. No seams. Really comfy. (Not a lot of support, but I don’t need much.) Happily, this type of bra is relatively inexpensive, so I can have several on hand. Also. Don’t forget the nursing pads. I relied on them like crazy for my first 3 babies and then found I didn’t even open the box for babies 4 and 5 — no leaks. I wonder why that is?

It seems like I forget everything about babies as soon as my kids are toddlers. So I love having books around to refresh my memory. Nursing and feeding guides. Books about baby’s first year. Sleep-training books. And then, for myself, I love a stack of magazines and some happy, light novels. (I just read Katherine Center’s latest, Get Lucky. I think it would be perfect upbeat reading for right after a birth — or at the beach.)

Thank you cards.
People do such nice things after a baby is born. Phone calls, visits, food, gifts. I keep a stack of thank you cards and a good pen on hand so that I (hopefully) don’t procrastinate my gratitude.

What about you? What do you like to prepare for yourself? What do you pack for the hospital? Do you buy new pajamas too? Do you like to read after the baby arrives? Have a favorite post-baby bra? Do you wear nursing clothes? (I never have, but I know many moms depend on them.)