Ask-Design-Mom Question:
Dear Design Mom. I’m recently married (okay, perhaps 3 years isn’t recent, but I’m still getting used to the whole married life), and I married into a house. My husband owns this great ranch house that has a huge yard and is just screaming for flowers to be planted. What are the basics for planting flowers. When and what kinds should I plant. I really am just looking at low maintenance flowers that will look pretty and that will come up year after year. Thanks! — Becky

Design Mom Answer:
Becky, this question is especially timely for me. In fact this is the first year I’ve made a true effort at working on adding flowers to our yard — I’m experimenting with only red varieties. Since I’m no expert, I’ll leave it to Design Mom Readers to give both of us their best hints, helps, guidance and links about flower planting.

flower image from Jackson & Perkins