Hi Gabrielle.
My name is Jill and I am also in New York. I have a 2 year old and am due with a second in October. I have decided to redo my nursery with a modern design. Do you know of any good sites that show completed modern nurseries or of someone in NY that can help me with it but not charge me a fortune. Thanks, Jill

Smart question, Jill. And congratulations on your upcoming new addition. There are lots of place I go to find excellent Nursery Decor inspiration — modern, traditional or just plain cool. Hopefully some of them will inspire you as well.

1) Apartment Therapy Nursery regularly features nursery tours of readers’ homes.

2) The Cookie Nesting blog also features nursery/home tours. Their two most recent tours of Elizabeth Dunker Gothenburgs’s home (the photo above) and Esther Veereschild’s home are both super-inspiring.

3) If you can get your hands on some now-out-of-print copies of Martha Stewart Baby or Kids, they consistently featured gorgeous nurseries. Some photos may be available on the Martha Stewart website. Or, my sister Jordan posted instructions on how to order back issues here.

4) Request catalogs or visit websites of companies that offer great home products for children. ModernSeed, Ikea and NurseryWorks have photos of fantastic nurseries.

5) Browse flickr for great ideas.