Hi Design Mom. What are some cool ways to display our name in our home? We move a great deal and to give my children some continuity I have a few things that I always display in our homes in some way or another. I hope this will give them a sense of “home” no matter where we live. One of those things is our initial. I started collecting R’s (our initial) a few years ago and have them here and there around the house. I am getting a little bored with these however, and I wondered if you had any fabulous ideas of how to display our name. Thanks, Rachel

Design Mom Answer:
What a cool idea Rachel. You’re a smart mom! I have two solutions to suggest:

1) A company called Avalisa will produce an abstract pattern based on your name. From their website, “Choose a name and get a design custom made for your person of interest. they can be totally abstract as seen in existing designs, or less abstract so you can find the letters.”

I love this. It would be custom art plus your family name all wrapped up in one. And the examples of work from their website are so pretty. As a side note, Avalisa doesn’t focus solely on names, they have several excellent collections. Animals. Patterns. Things that go. Check it out.

2) Another solution would be to pick your favorite custom-wall-vinyl company (I’ve posted about a few of these companies already. Quote the Walls is another one.) and have them produce your family name in the size, color and font of your choice.

I’m imagining something really big and bold, like 5 feet across, off-centered and low on the wall, so that if your couch was against the wall, the bottom of the name would get cropped a bit. I wish I could find a good photo. . . Or maybe something really tiny and subtle on the interior of the front door. The options are endless.

What about you Design Mom Readers? How would you display your family name in your home?