Ask-Design-Mom Question:
Dear Design Mom, a close friend is newly pregnant (5 weeks) after fertility problems. I want to do something special for her, but not being a mom myself I need some ideas. I don’t really want to get her a gift for the baby yet (I’ll do that at the shower), but rather I’m looking for a gift for her. Something more specific to pregnancy than a spa gift certificate. I read about lollipops that help with morning sickness or a belly cream. If it happens to be helpful and fabulous all the better. Any ideas as someone who has been there? Thank you. Abbie

Hello Abbie. I love your question! What a thoughtful friend you are. There are dozens of things that make for good maternity gifts and I’m sure Design Mom Readers will have many terrific ideas. But I’ll start us off with a gift that I loved receiving early in my pregnancy: baby name books. My personal favorite is Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana.