Ask Design Mom Question:
My little boy is turning two and I’m looking for a darling village rug with scenes of roads and tracks to drive his little cars on. I’m sure you’ve seen them and wondered if there are some great places to find them that I haven’t thought of. Do you have any tips? I am into both classic or modern designs. I just don’t want to give up an arm and a leg for it. I appreciate any ideas you or your readers may have for me! Thank you. — Marta

p.s. I know about train tables, but really want a rug instead. They are just so charming and would fit much better in our little apartment!

Design Mom Answer:
I know just what you’re thinking of, Marta! Two years ago, the kind, elderly widow down the street made a playmat for Oscar. He still plays with it all. the. time. Because it was a gift, I don’t have any great sources to recommend, but I’m betting my readers do.

What say you, Clever Readers? Any great sources for matchbox car mats? Maybe some cute fabric you’ve seen? Or a readymade version? How about something hand-painted from etsy? Please share.