Hi Gabrielle. I’ve seen your sibling gift ideas and am thinking about trying it with my own kids this year. Have you already thought of what your kids will make this Christmas? — Steph

Hi Steph! Thanks for this question. Making sibling gifts is one of our favorite traditions and honestly, I scope out ideas all year long. Whenever I come across a project that I think might work for my kids, I bookmark it or make a note of it. When December hits, I go through the ideas with my kids and we a) use them, or b) take inspiration from them and come up with a new idea.

The other day, I received the book Simply Sublime Gifts and it’s full of great ideas. The author, Jodi Kahn, does a lot of fun things with fabric image transfers (like the Hello My Name is Onesie she sent for June). I’ve marked a bunch of the projects as possibilities for this year.

What about you, Crafty Readers? Will your kids be making gifts for each other this year? Any great ideas you’ve spotted lately?

P.S. — You can find links to the gifts my kids have made here.