long lasting Easter basket ideas

Ask Design Mom Question:
Dear Design Mom, I’ve been looking for easter baskets for my three kids and have had a hard time finding something that will last through the years and that looks great. I am hoping that you might be able to help me find a few resources for fantastic Easter baskets. Thanks! — Becky

Design Mom Answer:
Great question Becky! And I hear you on the long-lasting aspect. The first Easter baskets I purchased for my kids were sweet, but they broke the second year and were a beast to store.

If you’re super traditional, then you may not like my answer, but I’m a big fan of “alternative” Easter baskets. In fact, I look for baskets that are multi-purpose and highly functional — that I can use throughout the year for all sorts of things. I also prefer a small container, because it prevents us from getting out of control with the candy.

Our current Easter baskets are small galvanized metal buckets. The kids decoupaged them a few years ago with crepe paper, wrapping tissue and watered down glue. (Although, I think they’re lovely unadorned as well.) After they’ve done their duty collecting eggs, they go back to the shelves in my girls’ room, where they corral Polly Pocket pieces and Barbie shoes and dress-up jewelry.

But if buckets aren’t your thing. I recommend looking through home organization departments to scope out other alternative, long-lasting “baskets”. Wire egg baskets would be charming and would show off the colored eggs — no grass necessary. Or a small cloth bin that you could embellish with a ribbon handle so they can carry it during their egg hunt would be perfect. In fact, if you hunt around your house, you may find that you have just the thing on hand already.

I hope that helps, Becky. Happy Hunting!

Your turn, Dear Readers. What baskets would you recommend to Becky?

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