Hi Gabrielle. My five year old wants to pick her room’s paint color. While I want to encourage her creativity and give her some control I am nervous!  She also wants to hang her multiple art offerings over all the walls which gives me pause. How do you walk the line between young kids having some say and also having a cute room? Hugs, Lisa in Sacramento

I love this question, Lisa! It’s a topic I think about a lot. My mother was actually really good at this. When I was 6 years old, we moved into a new house and my mother, who could see I already had an interest in design, encouraged me to decorate my room. But it wasn’t sky’s-the-limit. Instead, she guided my choices. She narrowed the wallpaper options down to 5 she knew were good-looking (and at the right price point) and I could pick from those. I picked rainbow. : )  She did the same thing with the light fixture and the bedding. It was a great way to let me participate, and still determine a successful outcome.

What about you, Dear Readers? Do your kids like to decorate their rooms? How much freedom do you give them?