I’m hoping you can help me. We have a cape cod style home that has kind of a cottage/woodsey feel. Our kitchen cabinets are simple and painted Cotton Whisper white. We have butcher block countertops and use an old
dining room table for our kitchen table. I have been trying to find a light fixture that will go with our style and not exceed $200(ish) for over said table. Any thoughts of where to look? The light over our kitchen sink was bought
for $9 on eBay (milk glass, aged brass… perfect.) Currently I troll eBay- keyword vintage ceiling light & Bellacor. Thanks much, Tracy Chrenka

Aaah. Vintage lighting. What a fun thing to hunt for! Obviously, your ebay searches are a super-smart place to start. There are also online vendors who specialize in selling vintage lighting — not reproductions, but actual pe
riod lighting. Google is your fastest way to find them. and are two that offer restored/refurbished fixtures. Let vendors know what you’re looking for and they’ll email you when something comes into their stock that you might like.