Ask-Design-Mom Question:

Hello Gabrielle, I just discovered your blog and thought – who better to ask this question? Do you know of any good resources for attractive, contemporary but not too pricey kids toy storage? It could be either a toy chest or a small bookshelf unit. I’ve checked all the usual places: Target, Pottery Barn, Land of Nod. I haven’t found anything I really like. I found a really cool toy box on Spacify (the Fuji) – but it costs $420 – more than I can afford to spend on a kids toy box. Any ideas??? Thanks so much! Micaela

Design Mom Answer:
Hi Micaela. Good-looking affordable storage is a tough one. The short answer for affordable, good-looking furniture is (always) Ikea. They have a dozen options either adaptable for toy storage or made specifically for toy storage. I love this paintable/stainable option:

Also, thanks for the link to Spacify — new to me and looks like it has some good stuff. I couldn’t find the Fuji toy box you referenced, but I thought this storage was interesting, available in white or natural for under $90:

I’m digging this translucent storage cube (only $40!) from the Container Store. A few of these set strategically around a playroom could be great.

When checking out the usual sources, don’t forget PBTeen. Their locker storage makes for good toy organization:

I think I just found the Fuji storage at Sparkability. I can see why you like it — it’s gorgeous. Their P’kolino Kubes are also fantastic and more affordable.

If you’re up for a project I would take inspiration from this picture:

I posted about adapting a set-up like this for my own kids here. I can see from your blog, Micaela, that you’re a green-conscience mother and this kind of flexible set-up, using and repurposing many found materials, might be perfect.

Design Mom Readers, what are your best affordable toy storage solutions?