Ask Design Mom Question:
I was having drinks with girlfriends and the topic of kids and allowance/teaching money management came up. We have kids ranging from three to ten and are all struggling with a great way to broach this topic in a meaningful way. I thought maybe you and your plethora of readers might have some good ideas.  The issues range from 1) how much to give (too little seems to have no meaning or relevance these days), 2) what sort of tasks are deserving of allowance and which should just be contributing to family life, 3) any good methods for teaching how to save/spend/donate. best, Gillyn

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Gillyn! This one has been on my mind as well. The first thing I thought of, was a fantastic post my older sister Sara wrote for this blog, about how she handles money with her four kids. (It’s brilliant. You can see it here.) At our house, we’ve tried a few different things over the years, but nothing has seemed exactly right — so, I hope all you clever Design Mom Readers will chime in with your favorite ideas and methods.

In the meantime, we can all admire the super-cool piggy banks at Fawn & Forest.