Anyway, I have been looking for quality and cute kid-friendly dishes. The walmart plastic ones that show every knife mark and are probably full of BPA are not holding up. Any thoughts? à bientôt! — Allison Francis

I love this question, Allison! Although we didn’t purchase them with our (future) kids in mind, the pewter dishes we registered for when we married have been fantastic. The kids can’t hurt them! We use them indoor and out, dress them up and down, and they have a matte finish that has aged beautifully. According to the manufacturer, they should be hand washed, but I’ve always thrown them in the dishwasher.

I’m guessing pewter is not what you have in mind. : ) So I can also suggest the great-looking options sold at Mighty Nest.

Chime in, Dear Readers. Do you have kid-friendly dishes you like to recommend?

P.S. — Real pewter is actually poisonous, our dishes are actually a new, safe pewter-like metal.