Ask-Design-Mom Question:
Dear Design Mom, I have a ton of fun and funky jewelry (lots from Darlybird, for example), but I have no where to put it! I bought a traditional, wooden jewelry box but it is now completely overflowing. I don’t want to store my jewelry out of sight — I love to look at all the great colors, but the top of my dresser has become a disaster. Please help. With much thanks in advance, Lindy

Great question, Lin
dy. And I guarantee you’re not the only person out there trying to solve this dilemma. I think you’ve got the right idea about wanting to keep your pretty pieces out in the open. I love the idea of making a display on your dresser of pretty bowls, platters — even small cake stands — and arranging your jewelry like the yummy dessert that it is.

I could swear that I recently saw a picture of just this sort of display. I’ll keep hunting and post the picture if/when I find it.

Edit: My sister pointed me to this photo from the first issue of Domino as a good example of a jewelry still-life.