Dear Design Mom. I just installed beautiful open shelving in my kitchen and they are fabulous except for one thing: My recipe and design binders. They are huge black 3 ring monstrosities and I have been trying to find really cute/modern/funky binders to switch to. I use paper
protectors so when I am using a recipe or changing out a design idea I can just slip them out so 3 rings is a must. Can you help me? Cherilee


Thanks for the great question, Cherilee. One of my favorite places to find good-looking office supplies (or in your case, kitchen supplies!) is See Jane Work. They offer patterned binders and solid binders that look great. And I love these little clips to use as labels.

One other tip: because it’s back-to-school time, keep your eyes peeled at stores like Target and Staples for interesting binders in their seasonal school supply sections.