Two Questions:
I’d love your thoughts on a gift that I could get my husband for the birth of our second child. Do you have any ideas on a gift that could be memorable, celebrate his role as a dad and supportive husband, yet not fall into the “too-fancy-that-he’ll-put-it-away-and-we’ll-never-see-it” category? Thanks in advance. — Erin

I’m about to have my first baby (a little girl and I couldn’t be more excited about it!!) and was wondering if you had any suggestions for gifts for my husband and our families. I want to give them gifts from the baby when she arrives and have some picked out but am having a terrible time with others!  Any suggestions? Thanks! — Allison

Great questions! I love the idea of giving something to your husband to celebrate his role as Dad. So sweet! Though I confess, Ben Blair and I didn’t exchange gifts for any of our babies. : )

I think books are a wonderful idea. You can pick out something classic for your husband to read to your new baby. Ask his parents what your husband’s favorite book was as a small child, buy it, and write a note in the front cover. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

What about you, Dear Readers? What sorts of gifts do you like to give to your husband?

P.S. — I think Maggie is a genius when it comes to gifts for men. I love her suggestion of the bacon of the month club.

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