Any ideas of what I might do with our formal dining room? We have never purchased a formal dining set because we enjoy eating in our kitchen — it’s large, bright, and pleasant. So I’m looking for other creative uses for the dining room. Thanks! — Andrea Gerlach

Hi Andrea! At the Blair House, we like to eat in our kitchen too, so we use our dining room as a creative space. We built a giant table and surrounded it with adjustable height work stools — so all the kids could work comfortably, no matter their age. Then we added 2 lockers and an armoire that are filled to the brim with art and craft supplies. Papers and glues and glitters and fabrics. Markers and yarn and tape and paints. Even the sewing machine and the craft books.

We do all of our projects at the giant table. And the kids do their homework there too. We love it! When we want to host a big dinner party, the big table works for a feast as well. (The shots above show party guests in the art room at Olive’s birthday party last summer.)

What about you, Clever Readers? Do you use your dining room as a dining room?