As a designer and a mother, would you say many of your household purchasing decisions, even for basic necessities (children’s socks, toaster, blender, sippy cups) are often chosen for their beauty of design? Or are you purely practical and just have your husband pick up what’s needed or grab the first thing you see? Sometimes design sense is so much a part of one that it becomes part of one’s choices that others don’t even think about. Thanks! — wordplayhouse™

What a fun question! I would say, yes, pretty much all of my household purchasing decisions are chosen for their beauty of design. Definitely. And if something ends up in my house that was purchased purely for practical reasons, it will likely drive me crazy. Currently, we have a fly swatter that was picked up at the checkout stand on the spur of the moment. We needed a fly swatter, but this one is so ugly that it makes me mad every time I see it. : )

But it’s not all about aesthetics. Really, when I search for “beauty of design” I’m looking for something that works well and looks good too. For example, I love Salt Water Sandals for children. My kids think they’re comfortable, they last forever and look great. They’re designed well functionally and they’re designed well visually too. Function + Form.

That said, sometimes I can’t resist a purchase that’s more aesthetic than practical. Have you seen the 3 new styles of Joy Folie shoes? They’re clearly not made for puddle jumping, but they’re pretty darn irresistible and would be a fun splurge.

What about you, Dear Readers? Are you driven by practical decisions or by visual decisions? Or both?

P.S. — Joy Folie wrote in. They’re offering $10 off a pair with the code DESIGNMOM for the next 3 days. Dibs on a pair of booties!