For the past few years I have been wanting to use French newspapers to wrap my Christmas Gifts. I have looked online, but cannot speak or read French. Makes it hard trying to place an order. Any help, tips, or guidance would greatly be appreciated. Best regards, Kate

Hi Kate! What a fun question. It brings up a memory of opening my very first Anthropologie catalog (back before there were even stores!). In between the pretty products they offered tips and bits of advice. One tip recommended ironing foreign newspapers to make them look aged and yellowed and then using them as wrapping. Such a cute idea!

If I was in America and was looking for newspapers in foreign languages, I would get on Craig’s List. In the wanted section I would say, “Calling All Travelers”. I would describe what I was looking for and offer to pay for shipping. I would do the same thing on Twitter too.

What about you, Dear Readers? Any good reliable sources for receiving foreign-language non-digital newspapers?

image for The Black Dog Store