Hi Gabrielle, I have a question requiring your great taste and advice. With our first child due this summer, I’d like to get my husband a very special “first” Father’s Day gift. Any ideas? Thanks!
— Michelle

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Michelle. How exciting to be expecting your first. A special Father’s Day gift is a really lovely thought. I don’t know if your husband is really sentimental, slightly sentimental of completely lacking in sentiment. So I’ll just make a variety of suggestions.

1) The book I reviewed a few weeks ago The Dangerous Book for Boys would make a great gift for any father. Whether he is a father of sons or daughters. The book has the effect of helping men remember the best of their childhood and desiring a wonderful childhood for their own offspring. I highly recommend inscribing it of course. An alternative to this would be to give him books that he loved as a child — maybe the Chronicles of Narnia in hardcover. Someday, in the not too distant future, he’ll be able to share his favorite stories with this new child.

2) I like this engraved keychain from Little Jules. Beautiful. Not too flashy. Potential to be handed down, but not so expensive that if it gets lost, you cry.

3) An engraved yoyo. A symbol of the fun that will come as the baby ages.

4) This Baby Owners Starter Kit (which I first noticed on Goody Blog) looks delightful. The packaging is great and I think the concept is clever. I have no idea if the contents are any good. . .

5) A really good camera or videocamera. New Dads often find themselves behind the lense as Mom holds/feeds/baths the baby. Plus, lots of men like new toys.

6) If he’s confident, a World’s Greatest Dad tee is going to get a lot of wear. Not so cool when he actually has some parenting under his belt. But down right charming when he’s got a 2 week old newborn.

7) For an outdoorsy Dad, you could purchase a baby accessory that will encourage him to keep up his favorite outdoor activities — but with the new baby in tow. Like a baby trailer that connects to a bike. Or a baby carrier backpack for hiking.

Hopefully those ideas (and the fabulous Design Mom Reader ideas) will get your imagination going. . .

Congratulations! And Good Luck!!