Dear Design Mom. I have a question for you. My friend has all these darling hanging toys in her kids’ toy room that she got in Europe. They are animals, clowns, an airplane, etc., made of wood and fabric, and hanging from a long, very springy spring, attached to the ceiling. When you pull gently down, they bounce in a darling, mesmerizing way! She has collected them over the years on her trips to Europe, but I’ve been trying to find this type of toy online, without any success. Do you know where I can find these? Thanks for your help! Adri Murdock

They sound adorable, Adri! I don’t believe I’ve seen the exact toys you’re refering to, but I do have 3 European toy sources that I’ll share and maybe they’ll lead you to the right place.

1) Vilac
This is a great source for French toys. So many adorable things — like the yellow ride-on roadster above. I saw the actual roadster, but in red, at the gift show and immediately fell head over heals. The site is mostly in French.

2) Erzi

A terrific website for German wooden toys. The site is all in German.

3) Wooden Toys Shop
Some of my favorite European toys are from the Czech Republic. This is a good source.

What about you Design Mom Readers? Has anyone else seen the cute toys Adri is referring to?