Ask-Design-Mom Question:
I’m new to your site, so I’m not sure if you’ve covered this topic before, but I wondered if you’ve found any nice dinnerware for kids — not too cutesy, definitely not gender-specific. I found one shallow but largish bowl in an op shop which has funky jungle animals accosting each other signed by K. Motonobu but can’t find anything to match it or even to rival its affections at our dinnertable!
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Lauren (in Queensland, Australia)

Design Mom Answer:
Hi Lauren! Great question. I am also on a perpetual quest for good children’s dinnerware. There are dozens of lovely choices in melamine these days, but I do have issues with melamine’s non-microwave-ability. So I was delighted to see these rubber options.

Virtually unbreakable. A plate, a bowl and a cup in lots of mix-and-match bright choices (greens and blues too). And completely fine in a microwave.

If you don’t share my melamine issue, Giggle also has several other cute options. I especially like the Groovy Dots Dishware and the Snack Sets (pictured at top).

What about you Design Mom Readers? What have you seen lately in great-looking dishware for kids?

I first spotted the rubber dishware on Tangled and True.