Ask-Design-Mom Question:

I was wondering if you’ve ever featured fashionable daily planners on your website? My planner is an academic year one so I’m looking to purchase a new one and can’t seem to find something that will contain my to-
do lists and schedule without being huge and bulky. Any thoughts? Thanks, Liz

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Liz. The search for the perfect planner system is a worthy quest. At different stages of my life, different planners have worked for me. So I’ll suggest a few different choices.

I think a good next-stage-planner-after-an-academic-planner are these desk agendas from Hable Construction. First, they’re gorgeous. Second, they’re not too big or heavy — very portable. Third, they have the same basic features that make up an academic planner, just upgraded quite a bit.

If you’re craving a full on planner system — including training and lots of accessories and refillable binders — FranklinCovey is my go to. Investing in this system is like buying a whole new type-A personality.

For a refillable planner system that’s a little less intense and oh-so-chic, try Kate Spade. You can see her binders here and her refillable pages here.

Lately, a simple book full of lined pages is just right for me. I’m a fan of these notebooks by Cavellini.

On a super budget? When I was at Staples getting the kids’ school supplies I picked up this little number for $1.99. Fits in your handbag. Calendar at front and lined pages. The paper is thin, but for under $2.00 it’s totally doable. Spine comes in navy, brown or green.

Good luck in your planner search, Liz!

top image from getty