DM reader Tania asked me where to find good-looking cupcake liners. And as usual the internet provides.

Confectionary House has some wonderful options at very reasonable prices (search “cupcake cups” on their site). They have great choices in solid, bright colors — much more opaque then the grocery store variety. They have foil in gold, silver, red and green. They also have a few interesting prints and lots of cheesy prints. I especially like their stripes and fall leaves. This is also a good source for an amazing variety of sprinkles.

I really want some of their brown cupcake liners. So sophisticated with pale pink or blue frosting.

Reynolds (as in aluminum foil) has a few good choices and you can probably find them at your local grocery store. I’ve used their floral print before and think it’s way cute. Laura showed me their mini, green, “designer” liners and they’re also darling. See the Reynolds line here.

Cake&Candy; offers these cute nutcups that Tania said she’s seen used successfully as cupcake liners. Nice alternative.

Don’t have time to order online? Luckily, silver foil liners are widely available at most grocery stores and look pretty darn fabulous.