Hi Gabrielle, This question should be an easy one for me to figure out but I’m stuck. When I bought my son’s crib bedding, I stayed traditional with a Pottery Barn Kids toile pattern in green. I wanted something neutral for either a girl or a boy. Now, I’m realizing that it’s a far cry from my style and not fun enough for my son’s personality. I really like a mix of traditional and modern in my home and would love to bring this into the nursery.

We have a Pottery Barn armoire and matching dresser in white, and a custom Ragazzi crib also in white. Since these are pieces I probably won’t be changing anytime soon, I’m hoping to allow some new crib bedding to transform the overall feel of the room. I keep returning to the obvious sources, like Dwell, ducduc, etc., but can’t seem to find the perfect fit. (And I’m thinking I want a perfect fit when I’m spending $300 plus for the second time.)

Also, do you know of any options to buy just a bumper and quilt? I’m not wanting a bed skirt as it just keeps getting in the way with the drawer under the crib. I would love some help! Thanks, Kelli

Design Mom Answer:
What a fun question, Kelli! I think you’re right. Bringing in some modern, funky crib bedding, and adding it to your traditional furniture is a great way to bring that of-the-moment traditional/modern mix to your nursery. You mention not needing a crib skirt this time around, and might I suggest, that although they are adorable, crib bumbers become pretty much useless as soon as your baby can pull up and use them for a step. So maybe you can forgo the bumper as well?

In addition to saving you some money, it would really open up your choices — because you’ll only need a quilt/blanket and a crib sheet.

I love this gender-neutral alphabet blanket and cute stripey sheet from Modern Nursery.

And this womb-with-a-view bedding from Land of Nod.

Or pick up a twin-size duvet cover in a Marimekko print and have a seamstress size it for a crib — use the remaining fabric for throw pillows on a rocking chair.

Design Mom Readers, where would you suggest that Kelli could find modern crib bedding?