Hi Gabrielle. Where have beautiful little nightgowns gone? Two of my daughters (11, 13) would love a nightgown for Christmas. You know: flannel, old-fashioned, actually pretty. Does that even exist except for in my imagination? — Liz

Great question, Liz. I actually get this question more often than you might think — classic nightgowns are hard to find! I’ve got two sources for you today. Land’s End is carrying a pretty flannel option right this minute. And I just heard about Auraley. It’s a UK line of “luxurious” nightwear for both girls and boys. The prices aren’t as reasonable as the Lands’ End option, but the photos are certainly swoon-worthy. : )

Tell me, Dear Readers: Any favorite sources for classic nightgowns? And speaking of nightwear, are new pajamas on Christmas Eve one of your family traditions? Did you find any cute ones this year?

P.S. — If you’re looking for grownup sleepwear, I recommend classic men’s pjs.