Kendra writes: Hello Design Mom!
I know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but there are some Christmas
things that you must prepare early. One of those things is music. Do you have any suggestions for good holiday tunes? I’d like to have some new music to put me in the holiday spirit this season. Thanks!

Oh goody! Christmas Music. Thanks for the question. And let me start with a warning:
I tend toward the proven in the Christmas music category. Not because I don’t like new music. It’s just that if it’s a totally new song or new version of a song, then I won’t be able to associate it with holidays past. It takes me a few Christmases of hearing a song before I can conjure up warm and cozy feelings when I hear it.

To answer the question, I went straight to our Holiday Storage Boxes. Since our first year of marriage, Ben and I have made a point to add a Christmas CD to our collection every year and I confess some of our picks have been total bombs. But here are some of the favorites:

1) Ave Maria Christmas Favorites — with Placido Domingo, Mario Lanza, Robert Shaw Chorale
2) Messiah — Sir David Willcocks conducts the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
3) Big Band Christmas — featuring the Pete Jacobs Orchestra
4) Cambridge Chorale Christmas CD
5) And our most played CD is a custom mix which contains:

Christmas Means Morethe Grinch
Happy Christmas
Neil Diamond
Wonderful Christmas Time
Paul McCartney
Silent Night — Jewel, Sarah Mclachlan & Indigo Girls
Blue Christmas
— Elvis Presley
Give Love on Christmas Day
— Jackson 5
Run Rudolph Run
— Chuck Berry
Happy Hanukkah
— Adam Sandler
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
— John Denver & the Muppets
Little Drummer Boy
— Joan Jett
Do They Know It’s Christmas
— Band-Aid
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
— The Temptations
Little Saint Nick
— The Beach Boys
Jingle Bells
— Singing Dogs
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
— Artist Unknown
Trim Up the Tree
— The Who’s from Whoville

Full disclosure (and you may have already gathered): I am no music guru. I take ALL my music cues from friends and family. My brothers Josh and Jared have been lifelong music influencers, plus, my sister-in-law Erin, and friends (like the Wrights and Cynthia) are also people I look to for music advice.

So I’m putting the query out to my friends, family and readers: What’s the best holiday music out there that we’re not listening to?

Christmas CD images from Amazon.