Ask Design Mom Question:
Dear Design Mom, I’ve just had my third child, and finally invested in a nice DSLR to photograph my kids. I already carry around a huge bag for baby stuff and kids snacks and my stuff. I want to have my DSLR handy for outings or day trips, but I don’t want to carry an ugly clumsy camera bag along with my usual bag. Any recommendations on a nice DSLR camera bag, that maybe big enough to carry a changing pad and sippy and personal items? or maybe a DSLR bag that’s small enough to protect the camera and fit into a big diaper bag? What do you carry your DSLR in? Thanks! — Beverly

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Beverly! And I have a great answer for you. When I was at Mom 2.0 in February, all the hip photographers (like Chookooloonks and Tracey Clark) were carrying very chic handbag/camera bags. They’re called Epiphanie Bags and they come in a great colors and styles.

What about you, Dear Readers? What do you use to tote your camera plus kid supplies?