I’ve just finished nursing my 4th child and have absolutely no boobs left. Really, none. When I put on a size A the cups just cave in a bit on there own. Yes, it is embarrassing a little but it is what it is. Any suggestions for a bra that will give a little something without looking fake (or concave)? — Emily

Great question, Emily! I am in the exact same boat and I have a wonderful bra to recommend. The brand is Wacoal, but to find the right bra, you have to find their petite line. Their petite line is totally comfortable, made for very small chests and is built with just enough padding. Try the 32AA. In New York, I would buy mine at Lord & Taylors. In Colorado, I think I found them at Nordstrom.

They’re not an inexpensive bra, but I buy two at a time and rotate them every other day, handwash and air-dry as needed, and they last for ages. Well worth the price in my opinion.

Anyone else out there (small chested, big chested or anywhere in between) have a bra they can’t live without?