A popular topic in Ask-Design-Mom emails is boy clothes. I get lots of questions along these lines: I have 2 sons. I see lots of great clothing for girls out there. But what about the boys?

And I totally feel their pain. It does seem that for every one line of boys clothing, there are a dozen boutiques focused on girls. Well. Never mind that. There are lots of fantastic lines out there with boys on the brain. Here are some great ones:

All boy. All the time. Casual pieces that are always interesting.
I’ve met the husband-wife team behind this line at two different trade shows. They are both delightful. They not only design the clothing, they also design the textiles they use. Which is extraordinary. You can find a list of retailers on their site or see some of their line at small concept.

For boys through age 4. Beautifully constructed with a dressier, more modern feel. Find this line at places like petitluxe and citibabes.

Original Penguin
For toddlers and school-age boys. Original Penguin launched with golf shirts for men in the 1950’s. They have very hip mens and womens lines and they’ve recently expanded with a selection for boys. This line is perfect for that leave-it-to-Beaver look.

Do you have any favorite boy clothing lines?