Ask Design Mom Question:
Dear Design Mom, I have a daughter turning 8 on Friday! She has outgrown her 16″ wheel bike, and is ready for an upgrade. We took her to the local bike shop on Saturday, and they recommended either the 20″ or 24″ wheeled models. The brands were Specialized and Gary Fischer. We don’t know much about bikes, but the 24″ one looked massive. I’d love some input from you and your experienced readers on what size, model, brand we should buy for her. She has a younger brother and a boy-ish outlook, so nothing princess-y or pink. We were looking up kids’ beach cruisers online, and we love the looks of them but wonder if she needs something with gears. Help! Thanks, Sara

Design Mom Answer:
Oh my. The image of an eight-year-old girl heading down the road on a summer day — riding a beach cruiser — is pretty fantastic. But I don’t know a thing about gears and bike sizes. Brilliant readers, what advice do you have for Sara?

Also, I know she’s not too girly, but one of these bike baskets by Design House Stockholm would make a great accessory. The color choices (black, green and white) and plastic-ness offset the femininity of the lacy.