Ask Design Mom Question:
Gabrielle, I had my first baby a year and half ago and I have her first pair of shoes sitting in my closet because I don’t know what to do with them. I wanted to silver or bronze them but I can’t find anywhere they do that sort of thing anymore. The reason I ask is that I wanted to give them as a gift to her grandmother for Mother’s day. I would really appreciate your creative help. Thanks, Ruth P

Design Mom Answer:
Hi Ruth! Thanks for your question. I agree that finding a service to bronze your baby’s shoes is becoming harder and harder. I suppose it’s because instead of sturdy little white leather booties, many babies first shoes these days are more of a slipper — and are worn practically from birth. Who knows.

This is what I’d suggest. Petrie Point Designs makes gorgeous framed pieces from antique baby items. Your baby’s shoes would surely look just as lovely displayed so elegantly. You could inquire with any local frame store to help you with this. Or you could even make a composition yourself with a shadow box frame from your local craft store.

If you’re heart is really set on bronzing them, try this company. Whatever you do, I’m sure Grandma will love the gift!