Hi Gabrielle, Do you use any anti-aging products? And more widely, what do you think about the anti-aging industry? It’s difficult to know to what degree we should believe all of the beauty editors. From, Lola

Hi Lola. Thanks for your question! I have tried all sorts of anti-aging beauty products. I love to! When I go to conferences and retreats, samples are often in the goody-bags and it’s so much fun trying a luxurious face lotion or fancy sounding serum — but I have no idea if they actually work.

What I can swear by is my Clarisonic (in fact, your question inspired me to choose the Clarisonic as a prize this week). I’ve been using mine for about 2.5 years. It can be used twice a day, every day. But I only use it a few times each week. And each morning I put on moisturizer with SPF. That’s my routine, and I’m currently content with the state of my skin, so I’m sticking with it. : )

Please do chime in, Dear Readers. What are your favorite anti-aging products? Do you think it’s all hype?

P.S. — One last thing — but promise not to laugh. I once heard that applying your moisturizer with upword strokes helps combat the effects of gravity and I’ve done it ever since. What do you think? Old wives tale?