Hi Design Mom. I just found your website a month ago, and I love your recommendations. I’m on a search a stylish advent calendar that we can use to help our son anticipate Christmas for years to come. Looking for a wooden one, I think. Thanks, Kelly

Design Mom Answer:
Great question Kelly. You’re in luck. My favorite advent calendar belongs to my sister and happens to be wood. It’s the one pictured above. I really like it. Especially because the only thing about it that makes it an advent calendar is that it has 25 compartments. You could keep it on display all year with little trinkets and jewelry and stuff because it’s a neutral color.

Unfortunately, she bought it a couple of years ago at Pottery Barn and it’s no longer available. But I keep thinking this would be a good project to approach a woodworker with — have someone build one for me to my exact specifications. I’ve had similar (in scope) projects built and it’s much less expensive than you might think.

For something a little sleeker and metropolitan, I like this mirrored one from Target. Tres chic.

This one by Ali Edwards, which I also found via my sister, is more of a project than an object, and I looove it.

For something more childlike, this cloth one from PB Kids fits the bill.

Another cute one from Target — and on clearance for $15. Wood and sweet. But a little boring. It needs some red — maybe ribbon on some of the knobs or maybe a few ornaments dangling from the knobs. Or I might switch out the knobs themselves for something simple and colorful.

Oh. And look at this cute stocking version from etsy site.

Lots of great options out there. I hope you find the perfect one for your family.

Update: Just heard from Martha B. of Nibs. Here’s a link to her own excellent post on advent calendars. Lots more ideas.