I am planning a 10 year high school reunion and I want to make some really cute and creative party favors. Searching online, there are a lot of chintzy/cheapy favors but am having a difficult time finding cute DIY ones. Do you have any ideas? Thanks, Athena

I love planning big parties and events, Athena — I hope you’re having a great time organizing your reunion! This question is a bit tricky to answer without knowing the number of guests or the budget, but I’ll try to get the brainstorming started and hopefully my Brilliant Readers will add their ideas as well.

-One smart place to start is wedding sites. They have tons of great ideas for favors at lots of different price ranges, many of which might translate well for your party. I found the candy and cookie favors above at Martha Stewart — bonus points if you come up with a food related to your hometown or high school mascot. : )

-A meaningful idea: give out CDs with the most popular songs from your high school years. Don’t forget to include the prom theme! Have one of your classmates design a cover for the CD.

-I wonder if you could find pennies made in the year of your graduation? You could give out little stacks of pennies for good luck in the next 10 years (packaged in a pretty way with explanatory tags, of course).

Brilliant Readers, feel free to chime in with your ideas too!