Ask Design Mom Question:
Design Mom, which apps do your youngest kids like playing with on the iphone? I’ve got a shiny new one in hand and I’m filling it up. Thanks. — Liz

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Liz. I’ll bet my readers will have great recommendations, too. A couple of my picks: 4-year-old Oscar loves Lightsaber, Bubbles, PacMan and Jirbo Match (although mostly he loves watching his favorite TV shows via the iPod app). And I just introduced 3-year-old Betty to Farm Friends — remember the See & Say toys? It’s like that. For the iPhone.

A few more. If your kids are pre-school age and really into letters, try ABC Animals Flashcards. And two I’ve wanted to try (but haven’t yet) from Duck Duck Moose — Wheels On The Bus and Old MacDonald.

What about you, dear iPhone-using-readers? Any favorite young kid apps?